6 Bowling Skills You Will Gain Through Playing

Last updated on May 26th, 2021

Many people like to visit bowling alleys and play a couple of bowling games to pass their time. However, bowling is much more than that and an individual sport. While bowling, you get to interact with various people and learn new bowling skills.

Bowling is not an easy game to master as it involves numerous bowling skills and physical skills. Therefore, you can learn bowling skills ranging from coordination skills and time management skills to physical skills that would help you stay fit and increase the bar of your bowling level.

The following are the six bowling skills you would gain by playing any bowling game, either individually or in a team with other professional bowlers.

What Skills Do You Gain From Bowling?

Many people bowl on the weekends or whenever they get time to have some fun. In contrast, some people bowl to develop their bowling skills. However, in any way, the person is bowling and unknowingly developing their bowling skills and considerable social skills.

The following are the various bowling skills you can learn and develop even if you don’t go bowling regularly and go there just for fun.

Concentration And Coordination Skills

The most important skill you should have while playing any game ranging from bowling to football is concentration. Without concentration and focus, you won’t be able to coordinate your eyes, arms, and legs together while bowling, which might lead you to lose a point.

While bowling, you try to maintain your focus on the bowling lane, the direction of your bowling ball, and of course, on the target bowling pins. All of these practices help in increasing your concentration span and bowling skills. 

Initially, you might lose focus within a few seconds, but with every new game, the coordination between your arms and eyes, along with the concentration on the game, would increase.

Strategic Thinking Skills

You might be wondering how playing a couple of games of bowling would increase your strategic or problem-solving skills? Allow us to tell you how bowling can improve your strategic thinking skills and hence, the ability to solve problems.

During any bowling game, you plan your move before you roll the bowling ball. You decide your grip, speed, angle, and most importantly, the right time to roll the ball. All these steps are a part of the strategic planning you do before and after rolling your bowling ball.

If some bowling pins are still left standing, you will create a new plan or strategy about how you can pin them down within a minimum number of attempts. Therefore, with every bowling game, you can create and implement a new plan quickly.

Social Skills

The best place to gain the ultimate bowling experience is public Bowling Alleys or Shops where you would need to interact and talk with people, irrespective of your nature. The more you would talk with people and notice your surroundings; you’ll develop your social skills.

You can participate in tournaments in bowling tournaments, compete with a couple of strangers in the bowling alley, and have fun with them. Moreover, there are chances that you might learn some bowling tips and tricks from the pro players present there and enhance your bowing skills.

Communication Skills

While you’re busy gaining social skills as you interact with strangers and show off your bowling skills, you would also be working upon your communication skills simultaneously. After all, communication and socialization go together, hand-in-hand.

In the bowling clubs or alleys, you’ll get the opportunity to interact with different kinds of people. Everyone’s way of thinking, acting, communicating would be unique as no one shares the same perspective or outlook towards the world.

Therefore, while playing a bowling game, you’ll get to enhance your communication skills and bowling skills as you would talk with others and notice the way they bowl.

Ability To Learn

You learn something from every activity or sport where you participate. It’s not possible even for professional players to hit a strike every time they bowl. However, their ability to learn bowling skills quickly allows them to rectify their mistakes as soon as possible.

The quickly you learn from your mistakes such as improper grip, timings, angle, the more points you’ll be able to score in a game of bowling.

Time Management

Last but not least, one of the most crucial bowling skills is time management. From the moment you hold the bowling ball in your hand to the moment you roll it on the bowling surface, it plays a significant role in determining the game’s outcome.

Whether you hold the bowling ball for too long or leave it too early, both of them would tamper with the hook potential of the bowling ball, resulting in you losing the game point. 

So, as you progress with your bowling games, you would get the knack of the grip and would be able to manage the time for rolling the bowling ball in a much more effective manner.

If you think the skills and benefits of playing bowling are limited to those mentioned above, read further to know the various health benefits of playing bowling.

How Does Bowling Benefit Your Health?

Similar to other sports, bowling also helps you stay both physically and mentally fit by developing your stamina and confidence. We have listed below some of the ways through which bowling affects your health for the better.

Strengthens Muscles

Bowing would require you to constantly turn and flex your arms, muscles, and core. Moreover, as you would pick up heavy bowling balls as per your strength, the strength in your arms would improve on its own.

In addition to it, the run-up distance along with the right angle through which you would bowl would help you strengthen your core and tone your muscles, all while you have fun and enjoy your game of bowling.

Improves Agility And Balance

Bowling isn’t picking up a heavy bowling ball, throwing it on a bowling lane, and automatically expecting it to strike all the bowling pins down. If you wish to hit the strike, you need to be flexible in rolling the bowling ball at the desired angle.

For rolling the bowling ball in the right direction, you would need to extend your arms and hence, your ligaments and joints. Doing so would require being flexible and maintain proper balance while you lower down to put the bowling ball down.

All of these activities would help you improve your balancing skills while improving your agility.

Increases Presence Of Mind

As stated earlier, bowling requires establishing proper coordination between your eyes, arm, and legs so that you can have a perfect strike as your result. It is possible only when you’re focused on the game and quickly adapt to the sudden changes.

For instance, your new trick to roll the bowling ball didn’t work effectively, so you would need to think of another trick quickly to score a point. These actions require the presence of mind as you could even observe other players and take some tips to get the perfect score.

Reduces Stress

If you had a rough day and are looking for a way to relax? Bowling is one of the best ways to do that. You can visit a bowling alley on your own or with some friends and play a few bowling games.

You would be so busy and focused on aiming for the perfect strike while you check your grip, position, angle, and timings that you would forget about all your worries for a while and have a good time.

Healthy Lifestyle

If you wish to improve your bowling skills, you need to follow a healthy diet and do many exercises. Professional bowlers have strong core and arms to roll the bowling ball in the right direction.

Therefore, when you play bowling for an extended period, you would automatically start eating healthy food, focusing on your diet and overall health to improve your game and skills. A healthy lifestyle would reduce the risk of heart diseases and various other diseases as well.

Lose Weight

Doing any physical activity, especially playing any sport, would help you lose weight as you burn more calories in less time. Moreover, lifting and rolling heavy bowling balls along with a slight runner-up is quite some physical activity for a single strike.

Therefore, the more you would play to improve your bowling skills, the more exercise you would be required to do. All these practices would help you lose weight, follow a healthy lifestyle, and stay stress-free while you enjoy it.

Summing Up

Bowling may be a complex sport that requires a lot of practice and effort to master; however, you can learn many bowling skills and level up your game with regular practice. Moreover, bowling skills also positively influence your health.

The more you’ll practice getting better in your bowling game, the more exercise and practice you’d do that would benefit you in the long run.