The Most Expensive Bowling Balls That Are Worth the Money

Did you know that bowling with the right ball actually improves your game? If you ask any expert, you’ll hear them say that the right ball with the right “feel” is an investment.

If you want your game to improve, then you’ll need to shell out some money. Honestly, the most expensive balls are actually the ones that can give you the best runs.

If you’re looking for the most expensive bowling balls that are worth the money, then check out our list. To make things easier, we have provided a simple buying guide so you’ll know how to choose bowling balls if you’re a beginner.

Most Expensive Bowling Balls in the World

1 Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

Storm Code Red Bowling Ball

The first on the list is a very high-performance ball called the Storm Code Red Bowling Ball.

It may look like an ordinary Christmas ball from the outside, but you’ll soon understand why it’s a favorite among bowlers.

The predecessor of the Code Red is actually the Code Black Bowling Ball which is already a very heavy but slick ball.

The Code Red is an upgrade which makes use of an R2S Hybrid Reactive Coverstock with very high torque.

Also, the RAD4 core makes the ball able to roll faster and sturdier than even the code black. The exterior is also 5 times stronger than the predecessor the Code Black.

When it comes to performance, you’ll definitely not regret buying this ball. You may want to take note that there are no pre-drilled holes in the ball, so you can drill it to customize your hand.

What I love about this ball is that it is very versatile and also very strong. We love how this can work for various patterns in the bowling alley. It’s great to use in competitions.

That said, the performance justifies why it is one of the most expensive bowling balls in the world.


  • Very strong R2S Hybrid Reactive Coverstock
  • Strong RAD4 Core
  • Very high torque allowing for really good curve shots
  • Ideal heaviness but at the same time easy to hold
  • No holes allowing you to customize
  • Versatile ball for various patterns
  • Asymmetrical bowling ball to keep it steady
  • Very high differential core


  • Not that ideal for those who want a heavier ball
  • Not a very nice color if you want something that doesn’t look too flashy
  • Although faster, the hook isn’t as strong as the Code Black


2 Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball

Hammer Gauntlet Fury Bowling Ball

Just as the name implies, the Hammer Gauntlet is a powerhouse that gives heavy bowlers an edge in the competitions.

Now, the cool thing about the Hammer Gauntlet is that it mixes the features of its three predecessors the Scandal, the Scandal Pearl, and the Original Gauntlet into one.

This is a rather heavy ball that can take the heavy medium patterns without going off direction. If you fancy the house patterns, then this ball will surely not fail.

Now with regard to the coverstock, this brand has a very strong one. That said, it can cut through lanes that have medium oil to heavy surfaces with ease.

Now, one thing that you’ll love about this ball is that it has a carbon fiber infusion.

The thing that you have to remember is that carbon fiber is extremely tough (one of the most rugged materials ever to be made) so it can withstand very rugged conditions.

Aside from performance, you’re assured of extra strength and even durability due to the carbon fiber.

If you’re looking for a ball that can last you for quite a long time, then this one is the one that’s recommended for you.


  • Made out of carbon fiber for extra strength and more durability
  • Allows for medium to heavy oil lanes
  • Has a 500/1000 Abralon polish
  • Gauntlet core with strong resin
  • Semtex Pearl coverstock
  • Hard hitter and is heavier than a 16-pound ball
  • Stunning design with a beautiful logo of Gauntlet Hammer
  • Various dark colors to choose from


  • It’s very heavy weight, so it might not be ideal for beginner bowlers
  • Does not have a very slick torque
  • Does not travel as fast as the lighter balls like Hammer Vibe


3 Storm Drive Bowling Ball

Storm Drive Bowling Ball

This is another great ball from Storm that uses a different type of mechanism as compared to the Storm Code Red ball.

Now, what’s interesting about the Storm Drive Bowling Ball is that it makes use of the Dual Drive Symmetrical core shape.

Aside from the Dual Drive core shape, it also has a differential core that has an RS2 Nano Hybrid coverstock, making it very strong and powerful—allowing it to cover ground really fast.

What we love about it is that it works very well for the heavier oil lanes. So, if you’re more into those type of patterns, the Storm Drive ball is most likely a great choice to have.

Another thing that we love about this ball is its look. It’s not too flashy yet not too dull. It’s got the right mixture of colors consisting of gold, black, and red blended in such a way that it looks pretty classy.

Also, it has a 3000 Abralon finish making it quite adequate for rugged and rough bowling conditions. With regard to rollability, it speeds up quite fast as it rolls.

You’ll probably find it a bit slow at first, but when it goes down the lanes, you’ll find that it rolls pretty well once it picks up the pace.


  • Dual drive core to enhance the strength and heaviness of the ball
  • Beautiful combination color
  • R2S Nano Hybrid coverstock
  • Superb rollability in the mid-lane
  • Very fast revving when rolling down the lane
  • It has a fragrance of citrus mint
  • Symmetrical built ball for more balance


  • Quite heavy as compared to other balls
  • Goes down the lane slowly before picking up the pace


4 Columbia 300 Lit Bowling Ball

Columbia 300 Lit Bowling Ball

If you’re looking for a ball that specializes more on hooks, then you’ll probably love the Columbia 300 Lit Bowling Ball.

You can get in easy hook throws at heavy oil lane conditions using this ball.

This ball has a Lit Asymmetric core with a Reflex XS coverstock. To make things even cooler, this ball makes use of a special type of technology that only Columbia Bowling Balls have.

This is known as the Hypershock Technology which helps decrease the recoil when the ball hits the pins. That way, the same energy is retained delivering a smashing blow to all the 10 pins.

If you combine that kind of power with the ability to create an amazing hook through, then you’ve got a very efficient ball.

You’ll not only love how it moves but also how it looks. True to the name, it has the logo of a flame with the words “Lit” written inside of it.

The ball also combines a swirly pattern with three combination colors of purple, silver, and black creating an amazing looking ball.


  • Special hypershock technology used to keep the energy in the ball while moving
  • Very high hook potential and torque
  • Balanced asymmetric core
  • Strong Reflex XS coverstock
  • Ideal for heavy oil lanes


  • Lightweight ball
  • May not be that good for straight balls
  • Not really beginner-friendly


5 Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tenacity Bowling Ball

This bowling ball is more specialized for dry lanes because of its slick built. Of course, it can also be used for light to medium oily lanes as well.

Now, some of the things that you have to know about this ball are that it has a Low RG core, allowing it to have a high flare potential. Its coverstock is a 500 SiaAir with Crown Factory Compound.

This coverstock allows it to have a strong gliding power so that it can smoothly run through the lanes to smash the pins.

One interesting thing about this ball is that its coverstock has a UR or Ultra Responsive feature. This is a bit similar to the hypershock technology of the previously mentioned ball in a sense that it helps retain ball energy.

However, it doesn’t retain energy, as well as Columbia’s 300 Lit, does. Nevertheless, it’s pretty efficient at keeping the ball rolling without slowing down.

One of the things we love about this ball is that it keeps a steady speed. Sure, it’s not really the type that will rev up when it’s going down the lane, but it doesn’t really slow down while gliding.

If you’re a bowler that likes consistent and steady movement from the ball, this one may suit you.


  • Ultra Responsive coverstock for high energy preservation
  • Low RG asymmetrical core
  • High flare potential
  • Strong coverstock allowing nice glide
  • Good for dry to medium oil lanes
  • Very steady


  • Not that known for its hook potential
  • Quite dull and plain looking design
  • Not ideal for those who want to have a heavier ball


A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Bowling Balls

Now, before we go over to the list of the most expensive bowling balls, it’s always best to start with a buyer’s guide because you won’t be able to appreciate the most expensive bowling ball if you don’t know how to choose a ball.

That’s why we’ll go over some of the factors that you have to take into consideration before you pick the right ball for you.

So, here are a few things that you need to consider if you want to appreciate the most expensive bowling ball that you can find.


The first thing that you have to take into consideration would be the weight of the ball. You will base the weight of the ball to your own body weight because you need to be able to lift and throw the ball with ease.

The rule that most pros would give beginners is to choose a ball that is around 10% of your body weight. Pro bowlers would usually have balls that are around 15 to 16 pounds for the ease of their use.

However, bigger people would probably prefer the heavier balls. The key here is to just follow the 10% rule when choosing your ball so you won’t have a hard time.

Ball Material

You may not know it, but not all balls are made out of the same material. The type that you will choose will really depend on what kind of ball shot you’re trying to do.

You will either be a player that throws mostly straight shots or hook shots (balls that curve). If you’re a beginner, then most likely you’ll want a polyester ball because you’ll be doing more straight shots.

For those who are used to doing the curve shots, you’ll want the entry-level performance balls. These are the ones that are slicker and sturdier.

They’re great for hook shots and controlled throws. The most expensive bowling ball models in the market are all these types of balls.

Grip Type

The grip type refers to the way that you hold the ball by inserting your fingers in the wholes. There are two kinds of grip types namely the conventional grip and the fingertip grip type.

The conventional grip types are the ones that you can usually find in the bowling alleys.

These are the types that allow your whole thumb to fit into the ball while your middle and ring fingers only reach the second knuckle.

Fingertip grips are similar except the middle finger and ring fingers reach the first knuckle. The one that you choose will ultimately depend on what you’re comfortable with.

If you’re buying your own ball, you usually have to try out a few so that you’ll know which type suits you the best.

Custom Drilled Balls

Another option would be to have a custom drilled ball. This means that the ball doesn’t have any holes when you buy it.

The most expensive bowling balls in the world usually don’t have any holes so that you can make them fit your hand.

Of course, it’ll cost extra if you’re going to do this, which is why only very serious or pro-bowlers would do this.

For those who don’t know how this works, basically, the bowling shop will be measuring your hand and using the measurements to drill in holes that will suit the overall shape of your hand.

If you do this, you’ll be able to throw the ball with ease. Just so you know, it usually takes a day to get the holes drilled in the ball. You can come back the next day after you’ve measured your hand.


This is a bit whimsical, but it is a factor that can be added to the list of considerations to make when you look for the most expensive bowling balls.

If you’re going to spend a bomb on buying a ball, then you might as well get one that’s got the style.

Most of the expensive bowling balls are all well-designed with beautiful logos of their respective brands.

Later on, when you check out our list, you’ll see that all of them have really stunning designs that will catch your eye.

Anyway, those are some of the factors that you have to take into consideration when you look for the most expensive bowling balls in the world that’s worth your money.

With this, you’ll be able to appreciate high-cost bowling balls more because you know more about them.

Next, take a look at our list so that you don’t need to have too many choices for your purchase.


These are the Most Expensive Bowling Balls in the World that you can find. Aside from being expensive, they’re also high-quality.

They’re some of the best bowling balls that you can find in the market and very well worth the money that you’ve spent to buy them.

We’ve picked these 5 as our choices because we are pretty serious bowlers and have tried using each of these balls.

Per our experience and through lengthy reviews, we’ve shortlisted several brands of bowling balls to these five which we consider the best.

As for the bowling ball that’s most suited for you, you will have to be the one to decide based on the features, the advantages, and disadvantages of the product.

If you would ask us though, our top pick for the best expensive bowling ball would definitely be the Storm Code Red Bowling Ball. What we love about it is that it’s very versatile and not too heavy.

In fact, it can be used by both the pros and the novice bowlers alike. With regard to weight, it’s around 16 pounds but doesn’t feel that heavy.

It is able to be handled with ease. With regard to material, it is made out of slick material enabling it to slide very fast. It also has a very strong but not too robust core, allowing it to have a nice torque.

Sure, it may not be that much in the looks department, but it’s extremely high performance. That’s why it’s one of the most expensive bowling balls you’ll find.