9 Best Bowling Balls For Heavy Oil In 2023

Last updated on August 23rd, 2021

Although bowling is a sport that many play for pleasure and fun, it is not easy to play and master. It requires a lot of practice in terms of arm strength, body posture, and speed. Technique matters the most but what comes after is the equipment you use.

Bowling balls make up for a lot of a person’s game, and they determine the flow of your technique. Hence, you must choose the right one for yourself before getting competitive or taking the plunge to go pro.

Choosing the perfect bowling ball for yourself can be a little tricky as it involves many factors such as weight, cover stock, reactive resin, and much more.

Read ahead to dive deep into a comprehensive guide that walks you through the aspects to look at while buying the equipment and gives you a handpicked list of top bowling balls for heavy oil.

How To Choose The Right Equipment

In heavy oiled lanes, choosing the appropriate equipment makes a huge difference because the oil affects the speed, grip, and direction of the bowling bowl. The right choice of the ball also depends on your style of play. If you throw with force, then you need to choose a ball other than the straight ones.

Let’s take a look at a few factors that you should consider while buying your equipment.


Weight is the foremost aspect you should look at while choosing a ball. A heavy ball will not let you throw the ball with adequate velocity, while a lighter one might offset your balance and grip. The right weight will allow you to apply your skill optimally and the difference between winning and losing the game.

The thumb rule that many people choose the ball is a 1:10 ball to bodyweight ratio. So for every ten pounds of your body weight, the ball should be one pound. For example, a person weighing 140 pounds will be the most comfortable with a ball weighing 14-15 pounds.

Another trick in the book is to stretch your hand out and hold the ball to see if it’s too heavy. If your balance is disturbed, then it means the ball is too heavy for you. Balance is the key while bowling, but your technique will be affected if disrupted.

On the other hand, a lightweight ball will be difficult to maneuver when bowled down the alley.


Quite often, people only look at weight and choose a ball that looks the best in that weight category. However, the cover stock has a significant effect on the friction and grip of the ball on the lane, especially a heavy oiled one. A ball with multiple labels will only make you look good on the field without offering any legitimate benefits.

The reason the coverstock is essential is that it determines how many hooks you will be receiving.

Plastic is the most common type of coverstock used. Now the tire is what determines the friction the ball will get while rolling. There are different kinds of tires with other threads. The plastic tire provides the least friction and almost slips in the alley. It acts as an advantage when you have to hit the pins set in a split.

Urethane is the other kind of coverstock that is costlier than plastic but provides friction. It is because the materials grip on the floor early or later in the lane. Hence, bowlers can throw the ball at an angle to achieve the desired direction of the strike.

However, to use urethane, the player will have to compromise on control. So when you deploy it in lanes with heavy oil, it becomes difficult to control its direction.

Reactive Resin

Much like the coverstock, reactive resins determine the friction of the ball. There are many kinds of reactive resin coverstocks available such as solid, pearl, and hybrid. When it comes to heavy oiled lanes, solid is a good option as it maintains good friction to smoothing the rolling experience.

Although, as mentioned before, it compromises the control the player has over the ball.

Pearl resin reactive coverstocks, on the other hand, are not very reactive on oily lanes. They are tougher to master and are generally used by experienced bowlers. The hybrid one is a mixture of pearl and solid reactive resins. They are half and half on both sides, which the texture and color can differentiate.

If you are just beginning with bowling, remember to use the solid one as it has a good grip and makes it easier to hit the target on heavy oiled lanes due to better stability.

How To Get A Good Hook On Heavy Oil

 First off, you will need to know what kind of oiling pattern is at your bowling alley. Once you know that, you will be better able to understand the kind of bowling ball that gives the best grip in that particular oiling pattern.

As discussed above, urethane balls tend to have the best hook on oiled alleys. Although if the alley is relatively dry, it can over hook.

When you start practicing, get comfortable with your ball and judge how it performs on the alley. Analyze the friction and figure out where your ball is starting to break. You can try different angles to determine what is working best for you.

For example, if you are right-handed, you can shift to the right by a few boards and reduce the speed at which you throw the ball. Keep in mind that the more you bowl, the drier the alley will get.

Another tip is to scrub your ball with sandpaper gently. Very lightly scruff a few scratches onto the ball to provide extra friction and grip. You can always have the ball polished later on if you don’t like the way it works out.

Top Bowling Balls For Heavy Oil

Here is a list of top bowling balls for heavy oil that you can choose from to enhance your bowling experience to make your work easier.

1 Hammer Black Widow

Hammer Black Widow

The hammer black widow has an asymmetric gas mask that plays as an asymmetrical core and the weight block that keeps the ball movement stable. It helps the ball to stay in line when you shoot your shot. It is a professional bowling ball that maximizes lane length and sort of rattles on pin impact. It is common to use on medium to heavy oil lanes.

The hybrid coverstock gives reasonable control over the grip and hooking potential. The best players in tournaments use it because of the friction it provides. It is not recommended for beginners as it is pretty expensive and not made for casual gaming on dry lanes. It is available in a range of weights, so professionals can choose from a variety to pick the one that best suits them.


  • Great speed accompanied by an incredible hooking potential
  • Wear, absorption, oil, and dirt resistance because of the polyester cover stock
  • Very reactive on the lane surface
  • Available in a range of weights
  • Highly durable and looks stylish


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Costly in comparison to others
  • Undrilled

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2 Ebonite Vortex V2

Ebonite Vortex V2

This one is a good option for intermediate bowlers as it has high reactivity but glides smoothly. It has a symmetrical core that is forgiving in terms of off-balance shots. The latest version offers an RG of 2.46″ with a differential of 0.051″. It is one of the best balls for heavy oil, and it has early traction and high recovery down the lane.

The modified V2 symmetric core has a better hook than any of the previous Game Breakers and revs up easier. It is a part of the limited series, and many pros recommend it.


  • Great for heavy oil due to the high reactivity, room for recovery, and firepower.
  • The symmetrical core maintains a balance that keeps the ball on target and builds up energy for an ultimate finishing.
  • It works very well for intermediate bowlers as it can be maneuvered without much difficulty and has a very stable movement.


  • Not suitable for beginners as it requires some technique and skill for control.
  • It is pretty expensive.

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3 Pyramid Path Rising Pearl

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The Pyramid Path Rising pearl is specially crafted for intermediate players and has a medium-level reactivity. It has a symmetric core that allows tilling holes to be more suited and personalized to the player. The coverstock is quite reactive and works well in medium oil lanes.

Since it is for medium oil lanes only, the hook potential is also pretty good. You will need to adapt to the ball and tweak your technique to get the best results. The ball offers the best of both worlds as it can be used by expert players and those who like to shoot power shots using both hands. If you are keen on improving your game and level up, this ball is a perfect choice.


  • Great to build skill among beginners and intermediate level players
  • It lasts long and looks good
  • It has a decent hook potential
  • Symmetrical core compensates for the high reactivity  
  • Flexibility in terms of positioning of finger holes
  • Affordable pricing


  • Beginners might find it difficult to adjust their game

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4 Columbia 300 Nitrous Bowling Ball

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It is the best bowling ball, especially for heavy oil lanes. It is also the best option for beginners. The 2-piece core is designed in symmetry to stabilize movement and enrich balance. The coverstock is pretty reactive and is suitable for those who want to enhance their bowling skills. Although the ball is for beginners, it is not for those who wish to bowl casually, as it requires some pre-requisite knowledge of bowling and techniques.

The luster and glossy polish on the ball help it glide smoothly on lanes, and the heavyweight expedites the speed. The best quality about this ball is that beginners can use it for good practice, and professionals can take advantage of the ball to achieve perfect scores. Although it is slightly costlier than other foundation-level balls, it is way cheaper than high-level balls while offering almost the same benefits.


  • Has good durability
  • Cheaper alternative for professional balls
  • An incredible choice for beginners
  • It can be used by pros to accomplish accuracy and ease


  • It might be slightly on the expensive side for beginners

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5 Motiv Venom Cobra

Motiv Venom Cobra

The reason behind the venom Cobra name is its name and deadly shot. The ball has a top gear dual density core along with a Sabotage hybrid reactive coverstock. It retains energy and continuation. Due to the dual-density, it has an impact on velocity and motion in significant ways. This new version of the reactive coverstock allows more angularity and length.

The ball is for light to medium oil lanes, and it catches a pretty powerful speed on release. The angular motion lets the ball roll swiftly without any overreaction. The shaper I great as the ball has a good hook. The brand also offers a one-year warranty. It is perfect for those who prefer heavier and powerful shots.


  • Strong impact and very smooth on the ground
  • Has good carry
  • Glides consistently
  • Angular friction is worth the investment


  • It is not a safe option for those who are not used to potent reactivity or don’t bowl with a lot of force.

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6 Brunswick Rhino

Brunswick Rhino

Although this ball is for medium oil lanes, you can master the art of rolling it on heavy oil lanes and reap accurate results with good technique and enough practice. It is known for its durable reactive nature and has angular precision with a powerful backend reaction.

Professionals in the field of bowling mainly use it as it has a light hook and good reactivity. The ball is famous for its durability and a symmetrical core design that makes it easier to drill holes and maintains balance. The ball is not the best option for beginners as it needs the skill to maneuver and is on the costlier side. Nevertheless, it is one of the top-rated balls on the list.


  • High longevity and resistance to wear and tear
  • Stylish in looks
  • Strong reaction to an oil
  • Symmetric core keeps the balance stable


  • Not for beginners
  • More expensive than other balls
  • Difficult to use on heavy oils

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7 Storm Timeless Bowling Ball

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Recommended and personally designed by the bowling star Jason Belmonte, this ball uniquely makes professionals love A great pick for beginners, this one not only has high durability but reacts very well on the surface of heavy oils. The core is crafted skillfully so that the ball speeds up as it rolls down the lane. With the effortless yet powerful hit and a good hook, the ball has had many professionals in awe.

It is difficult to control the ball since it is reactive, and the player will need to adjust angles and techniques to get it right. Although the price is high, it is worth buying for the beautiful design, fantastic durability, and top-notch quality. If you are an intermediate looking to level up your game, this ball will serve you well.


  • High durability with a warranty provided
  • Unique and Stylish
  • Affordable for intermediate level players
  • A good option for beginners as well


  • Immensely costly in comparison to others
  • Does not bowl well on dry lanes

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8 Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball

Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball

This ball gives a massive back-end reaction with unparalleled power for hits and a fantastic energy retention quality. It is one of the top bowling balls for heavy oil, primarily because of its ability to adjust with different oiling patterns. The hook is pretty great, and the ball is so that professionals find it smooth to exercise control over it.

The Semtex Hybrid CFI coverstock works very well in terms of reactivity, and the durability of the ball is quite impressive. The ball has a symmetrical core that acts as an advantage for beginners who bowl slowly and professionals who like to play with power.


  • Does not overreact on heavy oil or greasy surfaces
  • Adjusts very well to varied oil lanes
  • Great for beginners and professionals both
  • Amazing durability


  • Not highly recommended for high-speed bowlers
  • High maintenance and needs to be cleaned frequently

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9 Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Another favorite in the list of top bowling balls for heavy oil, the ball has a pancake core that plays out very well for beginners. Based on reviews, it is one of the best options for newbies as it comes with a polyester coverstock that is great for rolling out straight shots and offers an excellent hook potential. It makes it a fine choice for oiled lanes, and if you are just starting with bowling, you will find it easy to control and balance it.

The downside of this ball is that it renders a slight inconsistency with weight. You will have to carefully pick the one that suits your needs even it has a weight range to choose from. The ball has a reasonable price, too, and is pretty durable for foundational levels.


  • Stylish and comes in lots of colors
  • Ideal for beginners, children, and women
  • Good durability
  • Provides impressive hook
  • Reasonable Pricing


  • Not good for professionals
  • Inconsistency in weight

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How Do I Maintain My Bowling Ball?

Bowling seems like a fun and recreational activity, however like any other sport, the equipment requires regular check and maintenance. Here are a few ways you can keep your ball in fine shape.

Clean Your Ball

The very essential tip to follow is to keep your ball clean regularly. When you use the ball frequently, especially on heavy oils, dirt and grease collect on it, hindering its ability to react, roll and hook on the surface. It, in turn, affects the game and damages the surface of the bowl earlier than anticipated. You should clean your ball after every play session. You could use a simple spray cleaner to remove any excess oil from the ball.

Remember to get your ball cleaned professionally from time to time. The deep clean removes all small dirt particles and oil that sticks to the ball for prolonged periods. The process even keeps the finger holes clean and safe from any water or oil from getting in.

Keep Your Ball Protected

It is a piece of fundamental advice for anyone who wants to keep their ball in a fit condition for a good time, which is to protect the ball from wear and tear. You can do it by keeping the ball in its case or on soft surfaces. Please don’t keep it locked in a dusty area. Also, don’t expose it to water or sunlight for long periods. If you are using your ball frequently, make sure you are cleaning it from time to time.  

How Do I Choose The Right Finger Hole Position?

A few balls come with drilled holes, while others come undrilled. For drilled balls, make sure you visit the shop and choose a comfortable ball. If this is your first time buying a ball, you should purchase it in person.

While for balls that come undrilled, the advice is to go to a professional and get it done. Now, remember that how you hold the ball determines your technique and control over the ball. Bowling experts will help you figure out the best position for your skill level and gameplay.

Take recommendations of buying balls with a symmetrical core, especially if you are a beginner. Symmetrical bodies give the liberty to drill holes freely in a combination of various positions.

Whenever you get your ball drilled, make sure that the gaps are not too close or far apart. A tight hold will restrict your movement, but if the holes are far apart they will be too loose. It will steal your control away.