10 Best Bowling Balls for Left-Handers in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Last updated on May 26th, 2021

It is no secret that left-handers receive the shorter end of the stick wherever they go. The fact that bowling alleys are typically for right-handers limits the fun for the lefties. However, with the right bowling ball, lefties can amp up their bowling game. 

After typically hours of research and sympathy, this buying guide found some exceptional left-hand bowling balls.  So are you ready to roll some fun with us? Let’s get started! 

Factors to Consider While Buying Bowling Balls for Left-Handers 

Before we move on to reviewing the best left-hand bowling balls, you have some homework to do. If you are buying bowling balls for the first time, you might have little to no knowledge about its features. 

However, knowing your sports equipment in and out will serve you well. Besides, having an understanding of the features will also allow you to make a good choice. To save you from the long homework, we’ve curated a buyer’s guide for you. 

With this buyer’s guide by your side, you’re less likely to make any regretful buying decisions. 


One of the first things to consider in a left-hand bowling ball is its weight. Typically, you can find bowling balls ranging from 6 to 16 lbs. Bowling weighing 6 to 10 lbs is suitable for young bowling players like kids. 

On the other hand, if you’re an adult, a bowling ball above 10 lbs will suit you better. Also, women players should pick a range of 10 to 14 lbs. Similarly, the men can choose 14 to 16 pounds weighing bowling balls. 

Buyers should also take into account the finger holes while choosing the weight of the ball. A drilled bowling ball generally weighs 2 lbs lighter than the actual weight. In any case, whichever ball you pick should not cause fatigue. 

Undrilled or Pre-drilled? 

While buying a bowling ball, what’s the biggest dilemma of buyers? Often, the bowling buyers find it perplexing to choose between undrilled and pre-drilled balls. If you consider performance, the undrilled balls can outshine pre-drilled ones at any time. 

With an undrilled ball, you can drill holes according to your finger measurements and comfort. It helps to enhance your skills and performance. Additionally, it can also prevent wrist injury that is a result of an improper grip.  

Another thing you should know is the pre-drilled balls cost significantly lesser. So, if you’re on a budget or start new, getting pre-drilled balls is a better idea. 

However, being a left-hander pre-drilled might be unsuitable for you. Why? It’s because most pre-drilled balls have a design considering righties. 


Bowlers tend to forget, considering the thickness of their bowling balls. When buying a bowling ball, you should look for uniformity of the cover stock. The only problem is many bowlers ignore its importance and face challenging consequences while drilling holes. 

A ball with an uneven thickness might develop cracks when you try to drill holes on them. Also, because of this variable structure, the ball might not distribute the weight equally. 

As a result, it can lead to a shift in the center of gravity. Ultimately, they might not have control over the bowling lane. It is why you should be particular about the thickness of the bowling ball. 


We consider the aesthetic of the ball to be a subjective feature. We love to play with left-hand bowling balls with a stylish and attractive design. Although, many players pay no heed to the creation of the bowling ball. 

There’s no denying that playing with an aesthetically appealing ball can give a psychological boost. Also, many brands have aesthetics and funky designs as their unique selling points. 

We highly recommend newbies to get their favorite design. Those appealing designs can be an alluring factor to practice the game.  


Another factor that left-handers should consider while purchasing bowling balls is the number of holes. The finger holes in left-hand bowling balls have a significant impact on our performance. 

Perfect holes in the ball can help you achieve a proper grip of the ball. When you have the correct grip on the ball, you can show more efficiency and play better shots. 

Material of Coverstock 

When selecting left-hand bowling balls, you can’t skip past the coverstock material.  Like the standard bowling balls, you’ll also see that left-hand bowling balls come in three materials. You can buy a polyester, reactive resin, or urethane bowling ball. 

All three materials come with a different set of perks and drawbacks. For instance, a plastic/polyester bowling ball is perfect for beginners. So if you’re a newbie in the alley, you should pick these balls to get better practice. 

On the flip side, the reactive resin and urethane balls sync well with the skills of professional players. Different reactive resin and urethane balls have varying hook potential and might suit varied lane conditions. 

Ultimately, left-handers should select the coverstock material based on skill levels, lane conditions, and playing style. 

Top 10 Picks for Bowling Balls for Left-Handers

If you have already surfed the stores for left-hand bowling balls, you might be in a dilemma. We know that the current bowling ball market has endless options. However, this array of alternatives result in nothing but confusion. 

If you find yourself in such a tight spot, you’ve come to the right place. This section will offer you ten handpicked left-hand bowling balls that can amp up the alley fun! 

1 Michelin Storm Super Soniq Bowling Ball

Michelin Storm Super Soniq Bowling Ball

The Michelin Storm Super Soniq bowling ball boasts of offering cutting-edge features. One of them happens to be the phenomenal centripetal HD Cores. With its advanced abilities, the Super Soniq is a much-needed addition to Michelin’s lineup. 

Additionally, the Super Soniq equips a 3000 Grit Abalone-finish bowling bud. This feature indicates the premium abilities of the ball. From the performance to the style of the ball, it has everything to stand tough against competitors. 

Super Soniq is an asymmetric spherule that has a low RG. Also, the ball sports NRG Hybrid Reactive as its coverstock material. This coverstock material is super comfy, grippy, and stable. Besides, NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock also enables a more impactful hit. 

Despite the low RG levels, the ball still offers a quick response time. You can expect this left-hand bowling ball to have unmatched stability and control on the front dried bowling lanes. 

Overall, the Michelin Storm Super Soniq is one of the best left-hand bowling balls in the market. It is an attractive proposition that no lefty should miss. You should also know that the ball has a sweet plum fragrance. 


  • The bowling ball rolls smoothly and quickly over most lanes. 
  • It equips high-quality constructions. 
  • You’ll love the stability of this ball. 
  • Buyers can expect a more substantial hit from the Michelin ball. 
  • This ball has a quick response time. 


  • This Michelin ball is not apt for strangle-angle shots. 

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2 Track Precision Bowling Ball

Track Precision Bowling Ball

The next on our list of the best left-hand bowling balls is the Track Bowling Products. This Track Bowling Products ball has a reputation for high stability and precision. If you are looking for a ball with excellent length coverage, this is your best bet. 

Also, it can offer a solid backend reaction. This feature makes the ball a popular choice amongst professionals. Most importantly, if you play in heavy oil lanes, you’ll find this bowling ball to be perfect. 

As coverstock, the ball uses Prime Pearl. With Prime Pearl, this ball has impressive durability as well as a solid reaction. All thanks to the Asymmetrical Precision SD core, the ball is more versatile than we’d expected. 

The 0.054 differential and 2.49 RG is a rare combination. All these features are ideal for left-handers who struggle to play from opposite sides. However, to play with the ball in pristinely oil lanes, you have to have an excellent hang of the game. 

It moves a reasonable length before taking a steep angle before hitting the pins. All in all, the Track Precision bowling ball can be the end to your hunt for a highly reactive and precise bowling buddy!  


  • Track Bowling Products bowling ball has a professional style. 
  • It offers precision and accuracy in each shot. 
  • The grip in this bowling ball is robust and consistent. 
  • You’ll find the ball to have a high hook ability. 
  • The performance of the ball in mid to heavy oil lanes is impressive. 


  • You need to maintain high stability of posture and hand to use this ball. 

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3 Storm Ice Storm Blue/White

Storm Ice Storm Blue/White

We can’t imagine curating a list of the best left-hand bowling balls and not including the Storm Ice bowling ball. Many players look for a ball that can tackle all types of lanes. However, even a premium-end bowling ball can’t guarantee that. 

The Storm Ice bowling ball is an exception. This ball is suitable for beginners and can roll in heavy oil, mid-dry, dry, and all surfaces effortlessly. It equips a 3-piece conventional pancake core to ensure stability. 

Also, the pearl polyester allows high durability and a long lifespan to this ball. The polyester coverstock has another advantage – it delivers excellent stability. You can rest assured that the ball will travel in a straight line every time you want. 

With the 3500-grit finish, the Storm Ice bowling ball can roll great lengths with precision and accuracy. It is the perfect ball when you are up for a casual play and also if you are serious about the sport. 

The standard and beginner-friendly features allow this bowling ball to be suitable for the starter stage. With this ball, you can focus on learning the fundamental skills. 


  • It is suitable for recreational and beginner use. 
  • Players can play with it in any lane condition. 
  • The ball can cover an extraordinary length. 
  • This left-hand bowling ball offers great predictability. 
  • The price range is quite affordable. 


  • You have to clean it frequently. 

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4 Storm Drive Bowling Ball

Storm Drive Bowling Ball

Stability can be a significant issue with bowling balls. However, Storm Drive bowling ball is the perfect rescue to that! Stability is the strength of this top-notch quality R2S Nano Hybrid material ball. This coverstock material is adept at preventing greasy and oil surfaces. 

This magnificent bowling ball dons a 2.57 RG and 0.050 differential. Moreover, with its optimal weight and size, it can be a perfect choice for newbies. The thoughtful design of the bowling ball enhances the overall stability of the ball. 

You’ll find it hard to get a bowling ball that has asgreatc predictability as this ball. Because of its overwhelming features, the ball continues to dominate the market to date. 

However, if your ‘perfect bowling ball’ checklist includes a remarkable appearance, this ball might disappoint you. In other words, the ball has a harsh exterior, and the style quotient is somewhat missing. 

If aesthetics is not a driving factor for you, then you have got nothing to worry. By and large, the Storm Drive bowling ball delivers value for money. 


  • Storm Drive is the best pick for mid-lane games. 
  • The quality of coverstock and rest is very superior. 
  • It has the perfect weight, shape, and size. 
  • It doesn’t pose issues on oily surfaces. 
  • This ball explores a fun color palette and is appealing. 


  • You’ll have to recondition this ball frequently. 

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5 Roto Grip Winner Bowling Winner Ball

Roto Grip Winner Bowling Winner Ball

Brace yourselves for the most intriguing fact about the Roto Grip Winner bowling ball. This versatile ball has a 10 point differential. 

The ultra-heavy slug makes professionals crave for the bowling ball. Durability and stability are the other two perks of the Roto Grip bowling ball. 

We lock how this ball equips the VTC-P18 as the coverstock material. This coverstock material takes the versatility levels a notch higher. 

Left-handers who visit medium-heavy oil bowling lanes will appreciate playing with this ball. While playing, you’ll notice how this ball is grippy and stable on the bowling lane. Another thing that we like about this top-class ball is its steady and sharp movement. 

Roto Grip completes the ball with the shiny coverstock material. It makes sure to turn all heads in the bowling alley. Moreover, the polished coverstock also contributes to a better gripping ability of this ball. 

In a nutshell, the Roto Grip Winner bowling ball is for anyone who demands strength from their equipment. With its killer features, it effortlessly solves the problem of left-handers.  


  • Many users find the looks of this ball to be attractive. 
  • This ball is steady and stable. 
  • Durability will not be an issue with this high-quality ball. 
  • It also offers options for higher entring angles. 


  • One significant issue with this ball is skidding. 

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6 Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

Pyramid knows its job when it comes to producing high-quality left-hand bowling balls. If the bowling alley in your vicinity has a medium to dry lane, this ball is your best bet. It is a highly efficient ball for left-hand players. 

Not to mention, this quality bowling ball doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Both intermediate and young bowlers will find the ball to be valuable. When it comes to playing your favorite shots, the ball makes sure to complement your playing style. 

What’s more, the Pyramid ball has a striking appeal. Also, the Reactive Pearl Urethane coverstock helps the ball to achieve an aggressive reaction. You can start with this ball when you’re a beginner and continue using it until the intermediate level. 

Even the bowlers transitioning from the intermediate to the advanced level appreciate the reactive structure of the ball. The symmetrical core of the Pyramid Path Rising ball allows superb flexibility in drilling finger holes. 

They are perfect for a left-hander bowling player who plays on medium oil surfaces. 


  • This left-hand bowling bowl is suitable for intermediate players. 
  • It also has a reasonably satisfying hook potential. 
  • You’ll also find the finger hole position to be flexible. 
  • The look and feel of this bowling ball be stylish. 
  • It can suit different lane conditions. 


  • It might not be suitable for beginners. 

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7 Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball

Pyramid Curse Bowling Ball

With 19 mph as average speed and 375 RPM, we wonder how this canon-like ball will perform. It is the ball with the highest consistency and the right amount of impulse. Its perfect symmetric core has Navigational ATX GPS. As a result, medium to heavy oil lanes is suitable for the ball. 

The 6kg bowling spherule delivers unexpectedly great control. With its unmatchable quality, the Pyramid Curse bowling ball is the boss of all. If you release the ball with good energy and power, the impact and displacement will be stunning. 

The 0.055 differential, 200 Grit polish finish, and 2.5 RG are ideal for good gameplay. The Curse bowling ball has undeniably set a high benchmark for its upcoming siblings. 

The best part about the Pyramid lineup is that they come in different sizes. Therefore, if you like the features of this ball, you don’t have to leave it just because it doesn’t fit your weight range. 

By and large, the enhanced reaction dynamics and the ingenious design & construction are worth a buy. Consistency, smooth displacements, and impactful shots are natural to this ball. 


  • The Pyramid Curse bowling ball is fast and smooth. 
  • This ball has an optimal structure. 
  • It offers very consistent shots. 
  • You can rely on the quality of this ball. 
  • The hits from this ball are powerful. 


  • It has little to no reaction with bowling lanes. 

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8 Columbia 300 Bowling Ball Bowlerstore

Columbia 300 Bowling Ball Bowlerstore

The Columbia 300 bowling ball redefines quality by equipping Boost/R Factory as the coverstock material. The coverstock material belongs to the new age. With a touch of innovativeness, Columbia 300 uses a combination of core and coverstock. 

The primary reasons behind the combination are producing a ball with more power and predictability. The unique coverstock also has a relatively enhanced gripping ability on medium-dry bowling lanes.  

The bowling ball also gets a boost with the quality coverstock material. Its simplistic features can upgrade your skills and improve your bowling performance. It features a 2-piece core to have more balance. 

Even though it carries a reasonable price tag, it doesn’t compromise the performance or the features. The appearance of this ball has our complete appreciation. The glossy delicate look is worth every penny. 

Its cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent choice for professionals looking to build their spare bowling ball kitty. The expert bowlers will love the challenger, which comes with the hook potential of this ball. 

Once again, the symmetrical core comes into play to allow lefties flexibility for finger holes.


  • It equips a new technology for core and coverstock. 
  • It’s hard to beat the style and looks of this ball. 
  • Budget-conscious buyers will appreciate the price tag. 
  • The hook potential is adequate. 
  • You will find the grip to be comfortable. 


  • This ball is not ideal for all kinds of players. 

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9 Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball

Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball

This list of best left-hand bowling balls will be incomplete without including several Pyramid products. Like its name, the ball is an antidote to fixing your rookie bowling mistakes. Not all the heavy oil lane bowling balls are easy to use, but this one is an exception. 

It sports a heavy-duty GPS Navigational Solid as the coverstock material. You might not be aware, but this coverstock material has robust aggression. The Pyramid ball rounds off things by featuring a 200 Grit Abralon finish. 

Like its predecessors, the Antidote Solid also uses New Era 139 symmetrical core. This core is a much better choice for left-hand bowling players. It is because the body accommodate a flexible finger hole position. 

Also, the 0.054 differential enhances the flexibility of choosing the desired drill position. This 15 lb bowling ball can catch up a velocity of 18 mph while rolling over the lane. You should also know that it harbors the low axle tilt to get a better rotation. 


  • It has a well-balanced symmetrical core. 
  • The appearance of this ball is professional. 
  • This ball has impressive control over heavy oil bowling lanes. 
  • You’ll experience great velocity with this bowling ball. 
  • The hook potential is better than any other ball in this list. 


  • Beginners will not feel comfortable playing with this ball. 

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10 Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

It is difficult to find a bowling ball when you transition from the beginner to the advanced level. However, the Brunswick Rhino bowling ball can be an apt pick for intermediate players. The reaction of the ball is decent. 

The unique blend in the cover stock grants a high power to the ball. The ball achieves balance through the symmetrical core. The body also allows flexibility in the length and position of the finger holes. 

It’s a perfect choice if you cannot find a ball with ideal finger holes for yourself. You can position and drill holes in the ball according to your comfort. In addition to this, you can select a conventional or a fingertip grip in this bowling ball. 

If you require your ball to have more aggression, you can opt for the fingertip grip. With this grip, your shots will more be more powerful. On the contrary, choosing a conventional grip would mean better support and control. 


  • A wide range of bowling players can play with this ball. 
  • This ball is one of the most cost-effective options available. 
  • With the symmetrical core, it is easy to adjust the finger hole position. 
  • It has a pretty high reactiveness. 
  • The ball has a durable and solid construction. 


  • The aggression of this ball might not be comfortable for beginners. 

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Final Verdict

And with ten unique left-hand bowling balls and an intuitive buyer’s guide, you’re all set to purchase your bowling equipment! Bowling balls for left-handers have special requirements. These specifics can make your buying experience a tad trickier. 

If we had to pick the best left-hand bowling ball, it’d surely be the Michelin Storm Super Soniq Bowling Ball. These left-hand bowling balls check all the green boxes. From design to performance, everything in this ball is impressive. 

The ball features some of the most advanced technologies to improve your game. Its hybrid reactive coverstock gives it an edge over the other balls in the market. However, if you find our winning choice unsuitable for you, there are many others on this list for you. 

It’s also worth considering the inputs from the buyer’s guide for making the perfect purchase. We curated this buying guide in the hope that all left-handers can enjoy their next bowling session!