Can You Bowl With Fake Nails? 3 Things You Can Do About It

Last updated on May 26th, 2021

As a kid, nail chipping off is no big deal. However, as adults, we want to indulge in activities and keep our nails long and beautiful at the same time. When speaking about if you can bowl with fake nails, you need to protect your nails.

Yes, you can bowl with fake nails, and they don’t have to chip and break off while you’re bowling. They can stay as gorgeous as they were before you picked up the bowling ball. We have got all the juice coming up, from the technique of bowling to products to strengthen your nails!

When you think, “Can you bowl with fake nails?” you might be imagining the worst-case scenarios. However, we are here to tell you there are best-case scenarios that you can create.

The Technique Of Bowling

The technique that you use for bowling matters and can help protect your fake nails.

The granny-roll to your rescue!

If you haven’t heard about this one earlier, trust us, it works. Avoid inserting your pretty long manicured fingers into the bowling ball holes. 

What you need to do instead is hold the ball using both your hands, walk over to the line, start spreading your legs, and squat at your knees. Next, swing the bowling ball in between your legs and roll the ball out.

Although the granny-roll is not the best for matches and league bowling, it is perfect for a chill night out with your buddies. The technique is known to keep your manicured nails perfect and get the ball rolling, too.

Matters Of The Nail

After discussing the technique, we are moving on the what you can do about the fake nails. There are plenty of solutions you can use to protect your nails by incorporating the following pointers.

The length matters!

Choose a short manicure. It truly works! All of us like to get ourselves a long manicure, but you can always get a pretty manicure with lightly shorter nails. It can certainly save you money and pain if you do so.

Keep your nails strong

Taking care of your nail health, just like you would of your body, is very important. Strong nails greatly assist in keeping your manicure intact when you go bowling.

How do I keep my nails strong and healthy?

The following methods are proven to be the best techniques!

Drink plenty of clean drinking water daily

You must have heard this several times; not only is it good for your body, but it also does wonders for your skin, hair, and nails. It keeps your blood flowing well and helps flush out unnecessary toxins from the body.

Have vitamin and mineral tablets that are made specifically for strong nails and shiny hair. 

You can always check your vitamin level and consult a certified health practitioner regarding this aspect.


Soak your nails in olive oil every week for just ten minutes.

Rubber gloves

Remember to protect your nails using rubber gloves whenever you think your nails will get exposed to harsh chemicals and hot or warm water.

For your original nails, you can make use of polishes, clear coats, and nail treatments that have been made just for nail strengthening.

Products That Can Protect Your Nails When You Bowl

We know we are asking you to spend a little more money here, but it can save you from spending on repeat manicures!

As you are reading, you must’ve realized there are so many ways in which you can have fake nails and still bowl. The next solution to the question – Can you bowl with fake nails? – is using nail products.

Some of the following products are for people who want to bowl with fake nails, while other products are for other uses.

Protective tapes

You can use protective tape to wrap your fingers and thumb so that there is no formation of callus, cuts, blisters, or broken nails. You can choose the amount of tape you want to use.

Pre-cut protective tapes

These are pre-cut tapes used for protection against blisters, calluses, and broken nails. The tapes are from a soft fabric made of cotton material that has a gentle adhesive. The best part is that you can keep them with you in your bowling bag. You don’t even need a pair of scissors for these.

Fingertip bandages

As the name suggests, these are breathable bandages that cover your fingertips. They are readily available and can be found in a first aid kit, too.

Finger cots

Another smart method you can incorporate to protect your pretty nails is by using finger cots that are soft, strong, and are helpful against cutting. They are an elastic, flexible band to keep them in place. 

Like the above methods, these finger cots will aid in the protection of your nails and finger against cuts and nail breakages.

Right-hand wrist support

Last but not least, this wrist support is our favorite product to utilize for bowling with fake nails. The product aids give you great control when you bowl, reduces any injuries, helps extend bowling time, and prevents chipping or breaking your fake nails!

The wrist support is a favorite with professional bowlers worldwide, and some are super affordable for the general population.

The product helps in the correct position of your wrist, which improves your game, and prevents nail breakage.

Final Thoughts

After you realize which method works out for you, there will be no fear about nail breakage or wastage of money. You will get the best of both worlds and bowl with pretty nails.

When you started reading this article, you must have wondered – Can you bowl with fake nails? Is it possible?

We are here to tell you to make the impossible possible! Try it out and get the bowling ball rolling!