Left-Hand Bowler: 7 Tips & Techniques You Should Know About

Last updated on May 26th, 2021

Only 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed, and it is often difficult for those to adjust to instruments, equipment, and tools made for right-handed folks.

Bowling is a famous American game and one of the many fun-filled pass times. Whether you are playing as a hobby or a professional bowler, it is great fun when you see your ball knock those pins down.

However, for left-handed folks, bowling can get a little tricky. Left-handed athletes are certainly as competent as right-handed ones, but it may take them a while to master the tricks and strategies.

If you are lefthanded and want to bowl, nothing holds you back from enjoying it. We will help you with seven tips that will undoubtedly make your life easier.

Use A Left-Handed Ball

Most of the bowling balls are made specifically for right-handed players. It means that the center weight will be different. If you are left-handed and have already attempted to bowl with a regular right-handed bowling ball, you would have faced some challenges.

It is entirely natural, and it is because a right-handed ball would have made it difficult to know the trajectory of the bowling ball and knock the pins down. 

Therefore, we recommend a ball with a design that is purely for lefthanders.

Another option is to get a bowling ball specially made for you. It will ensure that you always have the best game.

Get The Right Grip

Besides the bowling ball itself, the next element is getting the grip right. It is essential for right-handed bowlers, too, to get a good grip. However, for a left-hand bowler, it becomes all the more important. Without the proper grip, you might notice that you are throwing away too gutter balls.

If this happens too often, it is a sign that you need to check your grip. It takes a while before people master a left-handed bowling ball and get the hold right. As we mentioned earlier, if you are a frequent bowler, getting a customized bowling ball made is the best option for you.

It is essential that your fitted fingers- and thumbholes correctly match your grip. When this is right, you can master your technique much more effortlessly.

Correcting The Stance

As a bowler, you must’ve already heard about the importance of the proper stance for bowling. However, this is more important for a left-hand bowler. You need to put in some effort and notice your posture. If you find it difficult to see, you can always ask someone to help you out.

Your posture can either be assisting you or hurting you while being a disadvantage to your game. We agree that for a left-hand bowler, understanding how to approach the lane can be challenging.

You must observe how far you are taking your arm backward, whether you are releasing the bowling ball at an angle or not, and the way that you are holding the ball.

The best way to improve your stance is to make adjustments till you successfully reach a pattern.

Start Using The Correct Shoes For Bowling.

Many underestimate the importance of correct footwear to use during games. Most of the bowling shoes in the market are for right-handed players. It can sound unbelievable, but it is true.

The shoes help accommodate the traction and slide, which can be a considerable disadvantage for left-handed players. Most players are unaware of this fact. You can ask at the bowling alley if they provide shoes for left-handed players.

If they do not have the provision, you can buy your shoes. The correct shoes will significantly assist you in spinning the ball.

Custom Drill The Bowling Ball

Whether you are a right or left-handed player, getting your ball custom drilled is a massive benefit to your game. It will allow you to customize the drill to your technique and advance your game. On the other hand, if the 9 holes are not in the correct place, it can ruin your game.

Ask For The Help You Require

It might sound like a line from your favorite self-help book, but it is so important. If you are unsure as to how to bowl as a lefty, it is entirely okay. There are plenty of lefties out there with the same problem. You can always reach out to someone present at your bowling alley – you share the same challenge. You can learn with them and start picking up on more strikes and spares.

Do left-handed bowlers have an advantage over right-handed ones?

Left-handed bowlers do have a considerable advantage over right-handed players. The reason is that the left-handed bowlers can use the side of the lane that is mostly untouched. They will have more oil on the lane, which is a huge advantage.

Also, the placement of holes on a left-handed ball is an advantage for the player.

Know The Pocket For Left-Handed Bowlers

The pocket is the area in which the bowler tries to aim to get a perfect strike. It varies for right and left-handed players. The pocket for a left-handed player is in between the number 1 pin and the number 2 pin, where the bowling ball should strike with an angle.

You need to be aware of putting some hook on the ball before you start worrying about the pocket. You will become a better left-handed bowler, but it will take practice and some technique for it.

The oil patterns on the lane also play a role in whether you will get a strike or not. If you are into professional bowling especially, you will want to learn about the oil patterns on the lane. You also need to be aware of the lane adjustments and the initial alignments.

The initial alignment is the spot where you will stand before you throw the ball. A left-hand bowler should ideally stand at the 15 board and throw the ball over on the second arrow. You can hit a strike even without a hit at the pocket, but it requires a lot of practice and consistency.

Initially, all this might be difficult to remember, but it will come to you more naturally as you keep playing.

Summing Up

The game of bowling is an enjoyable game for all. It should be fun whether you are a right-handed or left-hand bowler. There are plenty of ways that you can enhance your techniques and also have fun doing them.

Also, although left-hand bowlers do have advantages over right-handed ones, they need to work at it and perfect their technique to get maximum benefit. It will come with time and the correct equipment.