Is A Bowling Ball Hollow? What Bowling Balls Are Made Of

zoom of bowling balls in an alley

Bowling balls are undeniably the most vital component of the bowling game, and no bowling will be possible without them in the first place. If you are interested in the game, a fundamental question might naturally occur to you. Is a bowling ball hollow or filled with any material inside? The answer is that they are not hollow. They are typically made of reactive resin, urethane, or rubber and contain a weight block inside.

Bowling Release Techniques: 5 Things You Should Try

young man playing bowling

Bowling can be a technical sport that requires a great deal of skill. At times, it is nearly as much about being lucky as it is about being skilled. If you own the right bowling equipment, the only other thing that you need is to know the proper techniques.

9 Pin No-Tap Bowling: All You Need to Know

bowling pin arranged in an alley

Bowling has evolved in terms of techniques, such as the introduction of two-handed bowling. Over the years, many rules have constantly been changing. Today, there are more than five types of bowling games. One of them is a 9 pin no-tap.

Use These Bowling Tapes To Increase Your Average

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When bowling, people have always wanted to find more and more ways to increase their average game style. It is where bowling tapes come in. Bowling maybe an easy game, but bowlers often use bowling tapes to help them up to their game when it comes to professional leagues. With the help of a bowling tape applied to your fingers, you can avoid rashes and irritation.