Bowling Ball & Dishwasher: Does That Work And How?

man's hand picking up a bowling ball in a rack

Bowling Ball is a necessity in a bowling kit. A bowler’s game depends, first, on his arm and then on his ball. Although a bowling ball is a piece of low-maintenance equipment, it still needs cleaning at regular intervals.

6 Bowling Skills You Will Gain Through Playing

group of persons playing bowling together in an alley

Many people like to visit bowling alleys and play a couple of bowling games to pass their time. However, bowling is much more than that and an individual sport. While bowling, you get to interact with various people and learn new bowling skills.

Two-Handed Bowling Techniques: Five Things You Should Know

man holding a green bowling ball

The ultimate goal is to produce maximum energy transition to the ball while putting in minimum effort. It is the reason why the two-handed bowling technique is growing in popularity. Today, almost all pro bowling tournaments have bowlers who use this technique.

Bowling Pins & Weight: 7 Things You Need To Know

a single bowling pin in a bowling alley

Bowling Pins are the targets used in the game of bowling. There are many types of Bowling pins as well, including ten-pin, five-pin, and nine-pin. The main objective is to knock off maximum bowling pins to make a score. The techniques lie in understanding the types of bowling pin weights. A bowler uses this knowledge to use the method considering the same to help achieve a higher score.