How Much Does Bowling Pin Weigh? Let’s Look Inside Of A Pin

set of standing bowling pins

Bowling pin weights impact the game to a great extent. If the pin is very heavy, only then can you make the right shot on the lane. On the other hand, light bowling pins will fly away when you hit it with the ball. It creates problems in your control and the accuracy of the ball.

Can You Bowl With Fake Nails? 3 Things You Can Do About It

female hand holding an orange bowling ball

As a kid, nail chipping off is no big deal. However, as adults, we want to indulge in activities and keep our nails long and beautiful at the same time. When speaking about if you can bowl with fake nails, you need to look into protecting your nails.

Is Bowling A Good First Date: 5 Things You Should Consider

happy multiethnic couple playing bowling

If you’re planning to go on an unconventional date that doesn’t include a candlelight dinner and a lot of fancy things, you should try going bowling as a first date with someone. However, there are a couple of things that you should consider before finalizing the bowling date.